Welcome to English Park Campus

Here you can find the Departments of Theology, Humanities, Social sciences and The Svedberg Laboratory as well as the Karin Boye library.

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Today´s Schedule


Opening hours

Opening hours during the holidays:

December 21 – January 6
Campus closed.

Weekdays (non-holidays)
Staffing of the Janitors’ Office will be limited. Post will be collected/delivered at the department once per day between 10.00 and 10.30.
Janitor’s Office will be available at vaktm@kvk.uu.se For urgent assistance call 5001.

The Service Centre will be closed.

IT-support will be available at servicedesk@uu.se
For urgent assistance call 4400.

Karin Boye Library opening hours during weeks 51-01:
Dec 21 13:00-16:00 entrance 3H is open
Dec 27 10:00-14:00 entrance 3H is open
Jan 2 10:00-14:00 entrance 3H is open
Jan 3 10:00-14:00 entrance 3H is open Jan 4 13:00-16:00 entrance 3H is open

The cafeteria, Matikum, will be closed. The cafeteria will re-open on the same date as the rest of the campus.

Both students and staff will need their keycard to access the campus during the holiday period.


Entrances 3H and 3L

Monday - Thursday  07.30-20.00
Friday      07.30-18.00
Saturday  09.00-16.00
Sunday    closed

Entrance with card and code:
All days 6:00am - 12:00 pm

Service centre, house 3         

Monday - Friday  08.00-16.30
Saturday  closed
Sunday    closed

Karin Boye-library

Monday    10.00-19.00
Tuesday - Thursday  09.00-19.00
Friday      09.00-16.30
Saturday  13.00-16.00
Sunday     closed

During other hours an access card and pincode is required.

Note that during holidays special opening hours are in effect.