Study places

Study places in the form of chairs, sofas and tables can be found all over campus. Several of them are inside the Karin Boye Library and in the corridor just outside. 

Study area
Study area outside Karin Boye Library

Study rooms:

  • 2 - K1061 Grottan
  • 2 - 1027                    
  • 3 - K1011 Quiet room 
  • 3 - 0011
  • 3 - 2011

Lunch rooms

Students can use the lunch rooms on campus to heat up lunch boxes. Please keep the kitchenettes tidy and do not leave any food in the fridge.

Lunch room building 3
Lunch room 3 -1014

Lunch rooms

  • 1 - 0060
  • 3 - 1014
  • 4 - 1002    open Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00
  • 6 - K1036  open Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00

There are also microwaves, fridges and places to eat on the entrance floor in Building 16. 

Coffee machines

  • 1 - 1003
  • 6 - K1036

You can pay for your coffee with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. You can also register your mobile phone and link a charge card to your phone for easy payment.  

Computer rooms

Computer rooms for students at the English Park Campus:

  • 9 - 0044   silent computer room
  • 7 - 0019 

The computer rooms are opened with a campus card Monday-Thursday 08:00-20:00 and Friday 08:00-18:00. 

There are also computers in the Karin Boye Library. 

Computer rooms for lectures, with specific access on the campus card:

  • 9 - 1070
  • 9 - 1068

Please note that no drinking and eating is allowed in the computer rooms.  

Wifi is available over the whole campus area.

Book a classroom

Students can book a classroom for group studies. Lectures and seminars have priority to all rooms, which means room bookings for students are only available the same day.

Contact the Service Centre to check availability and book a class room. The time is limited to either before lunch (09:00-12:00) or after lunch (13:00-16:00).

Remember that you are responsible for the room. Eating and drinking is not allowed. Please leave the room as it was when you entered it, as regards to whiteboards, waste and furniture. Lock the room and leave the key with the Service Centre at the time your booking ends. 


Serenity room

Next to room 2- K1061 (Grottan) is a smaller room for reflection or just calming down for a while. The opening hours are Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00. 

Please remove your shoes when you enter.
Note that the serenity room is not a room for sleeping or a study room. 

Resting room

Students have access to a resting room in Building 7. 

The key can be collected at the Service Centre during opening hours. You have access to the room one hour. Staff from the Service Centre will call you after one hour has passed to check that everything is OK.

Please leave the room locked and tidy. 

Last modified: 2023-09-11