Find your way

Studenter utanför hus 3

The buildings at the English Park Campus were constructed in different decades and are all linked together, which can make it difficult to find the way. 

Here are some tips for how to get around the campus. 

Find the right room

Look at the room number given to you. You can find the number of the building to the left of the hyphen.  

The following numbers give you the floor and the number of the room. In the example Eng 6 - 1023, the building is number 6, the floor number is 1 and the room is number 23. 

The letter K after the hyphen indicates that the room is in the basement. In the example Eng 2 - K1028 the building is number 2, the floor is the basement and the room number is 28. 

The rooms are not always situated logically in the building. The Service Centre in Building 3 can help you find the way. 


Karta över engelska parkens byggnader med husnummer


To find your way easily between and inside campus areas you can use the map service Mazemap on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

You can easily navigate in the system by zooming in and out, choose floors and also get help finding the best way to your destination.

Map by MazeMap

Buildings at the English Park Campus

Husen på Engelska parken uppifrån

Named rooms

Several rooms are formally named after important historical persons or have nicknames given by students or employees.

Geijersalen: room 6 - 1023
Ihresalen: ruoom 21 - 0011
The Humanities Theatre: room 2 - 0008
Mallas salong: room 6 - K1005
Rausingrummet: room 6 - 3025
Chomskyrummet: room 9 - 2043 
Torgny Segerstedt: room 2 - 1026
Hans L. Zetterberg: room 3 - 1012
Kajutan: room 16 - 1015

The Drawing room: Building 4, floor 3
GIS Laboratories: Building 2, floor 3
Grottan: room 2 - K1061
The Master Room: room 2 - K1033
Språklabbet: room 7 - 0050
Philosophy Seminar Room: rum 2 - 1022
Cultural Anthropology Seminar Room: room 2 - K1029


Last modified: 2022-11-30