Copying and Printing

Korint is The University’s printing and copying system. In order to use it you need to register a Korint account with your access card.

  • Go to a Korint machine and hold your card where it says “Place Card Here”.
  • The machine will display “Used ID is incorrect”. Press “OK”.
  • After 15 seconds a registration paper will be created. Bring the paper with you to a computer with an internet connection.
  • Start a web browser and type in the address on the paper.
  • Type in your student ID and password A. Click on “Login”.
  • Type in the registration code from the paper. Click on “Register”. Your access card is now activated.

In order to charge your card you must connect it to the payment system, PayEx. Go to the Korint webpage ( and click “Register PayEx”. Use your student ID and password A when following the instructions. Use your student mail adress.

If you wish to copy transparencies you can get these free of charge at the Reception Office. If any problems occur with the machines you are to report this to the Reception Office, do not leave machines out of order!

For more information on Korint and current pricing visit their pricelist.
For support issues call 018 – 471 78 90 or use
For PayEx support call 0498 – 20 20 27 or use