Student Liaison Officers

We are here for all students at Uppsala University!

The student liaison officers at the Humanities section are fulltime employees by the Student Union in order to work for student influence at the various faculties. We have taken a leave of absence from our studies in order to fully work for the union while our commitment to student life remains strong.

A student liaison officer functions as a link between the students, the union and the university. We help student councils and organizations, representing in various university domains as well as helping individual students who run into trouble with their studies or other study related areas, such as physical and psychosocial work environment areas.
It is important for us to be in contact with student representatives at all the domains and with all student organizations and councils in order to influence the university collectively.

Please contact us if you have any thoughts or problems! You are also welcome if you have ideas concerning student life or wish to be engaged in the student union! Our offices are located in the corridor outside the restaurant Matikum.


Section Chief student liaisons Room: 7-1016 E-Mail
Phone: 018 – 471 68 60