SuHRFs Sustainable Heritage Seminar: Prof. Alexandra Troi

  • Datum: –14.00
  • Plats: Via Zoom på Alternativ lokal rum: B24, Campus Gotland
  • Föreläsare: Prof. Alexandra Troi, Eurach Research and Hochschule Coburg
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  • Arrangör: SuHRF Sustainable Heritage Research Forum – Kulturvård Campus Gotland
  • Kontaktperson: Tor Broström
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Alexandra Troi from Eurach Research and Hochschule Coburg will be visiting Campus Gotland August 9th – 22nd as part of the Sustainable Heritage Research Forum program for guest researchers.

Troi is vice head of the Eurac Institute for Renewable EProf. nergy. This is a regional research institute located in South Tyrol, Italy. The Institute has more than 100 employees and comprises five research groups:

    ▪    Sustainable heating and cooling systems
    ▪    Photovoltaic energy systems
    ▪    Energy efficient buildings
    ▪    Energy retrofit of historic buildings
    ▪    Urban and regional energy systems

Within the institute, she is the leader of the research group on energy retrofit of historic buildings and this is also where she has her own expertise. She has had a leading role in several large international research projects. Most recently she led the International Energy Agency Task 59 “Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero energy”.

Alexandra Troi is also professor at Hochschule Coburg in Germany. Her teaching and research is about energy efficiency and building physics in historic buildings.

The lecture will introduce three main themes:

    ▪    Current research on energy efficiency in historic buildings
    ▪    The research at the Institute for renewable energy
    ▪    EURAC research – how to build a regional research institute in 15 years.


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