Custodial Office

The Custodian's Office is in building three on the bottom floor. You should contact us for help with things such as:

  • Mail handling
  • Moving
  • Furniture
  • Wall mounting
  • Lighting (switching light bulbs etc.)
  • Reconstruction

E-mail the custodians at Vaktm.

For troubles with the building such as heating, plumbing or permanent fixtures, you should primarily  contact The Custodial's Office, and we will contact the building management, Akademiska Hus.

For emergencies after 16:00 contact Akademiska Hus at 018 - 68 32 04

To send parcels/registered mail

To send parcels/registered mail.

A form with information of the receiver and sender is needed for sending a parcel/registered mail.

->Form for Parcels/registered mail ß

The department (or equivalent) is responsible for the parcels/mail gets the correct packaging. When the packaging is done bring the form and parcel/registered mail to the campus management.

If you need help filling out the form, don’t hesitate to ask the campus service center for help. They will gladly help you!

Parcels outside of the EU

For sending parcels to a country outside the EU the Proforma invoice form below is needed in 3 copies.

Proforma invoice

All contact with authorities conducts by the sender department (or equivalent).   

Paket- och godsbeställning

If you want goods to be sent to Engelska parken be sure to use DPD business parcel. Otherwise you’re in charge of collecting the goods yourself from Posten’s service points.  

It’s  important to differentiate the shipping address and invoice address.

Use the following shipping address:

Uppsala University
Thunbergsvägen 3G
752 38 UPPSALA


Uppsala Universitet
Engelska parken
Thunbergsvägen 3G
752 38 UPPSALA

Use the following invoice address:

Uppsala University
Fe 112
838 80 FRÖSÖN

Remember to always write the reference number of our department.


Uppsala University
FE 112
838 80 FRÖSÖN
Reference number: 903